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FIRING is an Oslo based synth pop band lead by the sisters Emily and Erika Firing on vocals, Espen Skretteberg on guitar and synth, Are Lund on synth, Magnus Gjeruldsen on electric and synth bass and Are Nerland on drums and pads. Lyrics and music are by Emily Firing-Toften. 


FIRING made their debut in 2018 with the song “Your Ghost”, and has since then released four singles, played a number of concerts and done several interviews - both on Norwegian and foreign radio stations and web magazines. All of the songs have been warmly welcomed by Norwegian and foreign press and radio. The songs have been played at Celtica Radio (Wales), Radio Seagull (Netherlands), Neue Regel Radio (US), Havenstad radio (the Netherlands), Radio Neptune (UK), Radio Phoenix International (UK), Apple Radio (UK), Radio Noordizij (the Netherlands), Poptastic Radio (UK), Wfrm Radio (UK), NRK P1 (Norway), NRK P3 (Norway), Ordentlig Radio (Norway) and RadioSignal (Norway). They are also frequently played  at 99WNRR (UK).


During the pandemic, between expanding families and a hectic work life, the band has completed its debut album "Lights Down", which will be released both digitally and on vinyl on 6 May 2022.

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